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Protect Your Rights and Your Freedom With an Experienced Criminal Lawyer in Olmsted County, MN

If you’re facing criminal charges in and around Olmsted County, MN, you can count on Attorney Schatz to provide sound advice and aggressive representation to protect your rights. A number of factors will determine whether you’ll be charged with a felony or misdemeanor, with corresponding penalties. Depending on the specifics of the case, the punishment can be severe and life-changing. Your DNA could also be collected and stored in a state or national database. 

With representation from an experienced criminal lawyer, you can improve the chances of having the charges dropped, or being charged with the lesser crime. 

In Minnesota, there are several criminal offense levels, with the highest levels of crime demanding more of the court system’s time and resources. Whatever criminal charges you’re facing, you have the right to a jury trial. Not engaging a criminal lawyer can cost you your freedom, career, and reputation.

With over 10 years of experience in criminal law, Atty. Schatz can bring an objective view to your case and determine how Minnesota’s criminal laws and sentencing guidelines apply to your situation. 

Rest assured that Atty. Schatz will work tirelessly on your case to ensure a fair and just outcome. Call Schatz Law Firm today for a free case evaluation and initial consultation.

Fight Criminal Charges With Professional Representation

An experienced criminal lawyer can give you a clearer understanding of your legal situation, possible defenses, and potential outcomes of the case when faced with criminal charges. Atty. Schatz offers practical advice and emotional support throughout the whole process. Depending on your circumstances, he can attempt to negotiate a plea agreement with the concerned prosecutors. His practical approach and tailored legal services will give you peace of mind during the proceedings. 

Criminal charges in Minnesota fall under several categories, depending on their severity. The outcome of your case will depend on numerous factors, including the type of evidence presented. Regardless of your legal needs, whether marijuana or cannabis expungement or robust criminal defense, only a lawyer with an extensive background in criminal law can navigate the complexities of the legal system on your behalf.

As your faithful criminal attorney, Mr. Schatz will dutifully examine your cause from each and every angle, gathering or suppressing evidence to build a strong and aggressive defense. Contact Schatz Law Firm today to find out how an experienced attorney can help you. 


Don’t let criminal charges turn your life upside down—take back your freedom with legal support and representation from a professional. Atty. Schatz provides free initial consultations. Contact (507) 282-3633 or fill out the online contact form to set an appointment. We look forward to working with you and upholding your rights.

Schatz Law Firm serves the following Minnesota counties:

  • Olmsted County
  • Dodge County
  • Filmore County
  • Mower County
  • Wabasha County
  • Winona County

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